fest16foypicThe Foy School of Traditional Irish dance was established in Chicago in 1974 by Geraldine Foy, TCRG. In 1985 she began teaching classes in St Charles, IL.  As class sizes grew they moved to a new location in Geneva, IL and most recently Batavia, IL. In 2004, the school was expanded to include a location in Des Moines, IA. Most recently classes have been offered to after school and extended care programs in Chicago and the northwest suburbs.

Dancers from the Foy School of Traditional Irish Dance have competed at Irish dance competitions across the United States and internationally in Canada, Mexico, Ireland and Scotland, including the North American Nationals, All-Irelands and World Championships.

The Foy School of Traditional Irish Dance ensures that every dancer receives an opportunity to perform and compete and takes pride in the fact that every year since the opening of the school all dancers who have participated in a competition have received at least one award.

The Foy School of Traditional Irish Dance performs at Irish Fest on Friday, July 8 at 7pm.


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