Nobody’s Talking To Me

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Following the massive success of his play, It’s the Real McCoy, writer Tommy Marren has another blockbuster Irish comedy coming to the IAHC.

“Nobody’s Talking To Me” is set in rural Ireland in the late 1960’s. The celebration of a 50th wedding anniversary should be a happy occasion, but not for the Conways. The couple haven’t spoken a word to each other for 10 years. Only the couple’s relatives who live in the same house as the estranged couple, know the secret.

Disaster strikes when the local parish priest decides to surprise the couple on their anniversary to renew their marriage vows.  Audiences are in for a roller-coaster ride as the secret unfolds piece by piece.

“Nobody’s Talking To Me” comes to the Center on Saturday, April 1 at 8pm and Sunday, April 2 at 3pm. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at the door or at the Center’s St. Patrick’s Festival on 3/11 from 4pm-8pm.