Aislinn Gagliardi and Annie Andrews

Aislinn Gagliardi and Annie Andrews 2019-05-21T09:32:25-05:00

Aislinn Gagliardi is a Chicago based Irish harper, composer, teacher and recording artist. Drawing from her background in Irish dance and influenced by a diverse musical range from classical to Cape Breton, her distinct style shines through her music in an open and honest way. Known for her syncopated and melodic accompaniment, her compositions and arrangements offer a fresh perspective to the Irish music tradition. She is on faculty at the Milwaukee Irish Fest School of Music and teaches workshops at the Old Town School of Folk Music.

Gagliardi is joined by fiddle player Annie Andrews. Formerly trained as a classical musician, she stumbled upon Irish music quite by accident and was immediately hooked; attending 5 sessions a week to build her repertoire. She hosts sessions in the Chicago area.

Aislinn Gagliardi and Annie Andrews perform on Saturday, July 13 at 12pm on the Fifth Province Stage.