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Daymark is an international trio performing traditional Irish music infused with infectious energy, raw power and Northern swagger. Fusing the talents of Will Woodson (flute, uilleann pipes), Dan Foster (fiddle) and Eric McDonald (guitar, vocals) the group presents a classic blend of wind and string as driving flute meets virtuosic fiddle, underpinned by well-considered and expertly delivered guitar.

Tommie Ryan and a group ofEach member of the trio had carved their individual musical pathways and style from diligent listening and study, extensive travels and numerous performances in Ireland, Scotland, England, America, and Canada before meeting at the Northern Roots Festival in Vermont during 2016. Over a long night of music, they discovered a fit of individual styles, as a well as a mutual interest in the same corners of the Irish tradition. Sharing a love for the music of generations past, in Daymark’s sound one can hear the echoes of Irish-American dance halls from the 1920s and 30s, alongside the lonesome tones of Donegal country fiddlers and the rollicking smoky pubs of Northern England’s immigrant neighborhoods. What emerges is intimate enough to feel at home down at the local pub, big enough to fill a festival stage or a concert hall.

All three members of Daymark have spent the first decade of their musical careers performing with countless projects and recording albums; they’re road hardened, stage seasoned and altogether full of music. Together as Daymark, the collective experiences of the three coalesce into an altogether compelling musical force.

Daymark is Will Woodson, Dan Foster and Eric McDonald.

Daymark performs on Sunday, July 14 at 5:30 on the Fifth Province Stage.