Kennedy’s Kitchen

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Kennedy’s Kitchen has been making music and telling stories together since 1998; everything from backyard birthday parties and weddings to concert halls and festivals. They have released five CDs along the way, including their 2013 release, The Birds Upon The Trees, now with more than 2 million streams on Spotify. They appear frequently in local venues such as Fiddler’s Hearth, The Box Factory for the Arts, and The Acorn Theatre, and at national Irish festivals such as Michigan Irish Fest, Milwaukee Irish Fest, Erin Fest in Peoria, IL, Dayton Irish Fest, LaCrosse Irish Fest and Osh Kosh Irish Fest.

With a modern sound and a high energy, they are deeply are rooted in traditional Irish music; jigs, reels, hornpipes, aires, stories, and songs. Much of it is original: songs and recitations as well as newly composed jigs, reels, and aires. From toe-tapping to deeply moving, it’s always fun.

Kennedy’s Kitchen is joHn Kennedy on vocals, guitar, tin whistle, bouzouki, bodhran and banjo, Theresa Kubiak on whistles and flute, Joel Cooper on bass and vocals, Nathan Waddill on bass, Nancy and Jacob Turner on bodhran Liam Ladewski on Whistle and Flute and Chris O’Brien on fiddle, tenor banjo, mandolin and vocals.

Kennedy’s Kitchen performs on Saturday, July 13 at 1:30pm on the Folk Stage.