Larkin and Moran Brothers

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The Larkin and Moran Brothers started in 2002 when Kevin Moran joined brother Terry and the Larkin Brothers; Dan, Mike and Joe, and altered their previous life as the Larkin Brothers and Terry Moran.

It was said to be a tactic by Terry to gain a blood ally against the Larkin’s- who at the time ironically found difficulty in not killing each other. But really it was suggested by Mike Larkin to replace Mike Murphy on bass as he left for a short period to start his band ‘Leave’. When Murph returned he opted to play mandolin and the one time folk quartet became a full fledge Celtic rock band.

Since then they have continued to evolve as a band but one constant that has follow them since their early days is the electricity they project when performing. Based in Chicago, the band brings its love of fun and energy to their music and performances.

The Larkin and Moran Brothers are: Dan, Larkin, Mike Larkin, Joe Larkin, Terry Moran, Kevin Moran, Mike Murphy, Dan Larkin, Jr, Neal Sullivan and Sean Dennis.

Larkin and Moran perform on Saturday, July 13 at 5pm on the Main Stage.