The Chancey Brothers

The Chancey Brothers 2019-05-21T12:37:08-05:00

In the spirit of their heroes, the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, the Chancey Brothers sing pub songs, ballads and rebel tunes. Adding in favorites from almost every Irish artist you can think of, such as Christy Moore, Saw Doctors and the Wolf Tones, the Chanceys are a lively act for any occasion. The Chancey Brothers have been playing around Chicagoland since 2001.

Starting with a shared love of the Irish pub songs, the band went out and began sharing that love with audiences in Irish pubs all over. Over time, they began adding other types of music to their repertoire; covering favorite rock and country songs and basically anything that the Brothers enjoyed playing themselves.

The Chancey Brothers are Bob, Brendan, Kati, Dave, Gregg and Joel Chancey.

The Chancey Brothers perform Sunday July, 14 at 9:30pm on the Fifth Province Stage.