Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 2017-04-18T10:38:58-05:00


Are wedding ceremonies allowed at the IAHC?
Yes, Ceremonies may be held on the grounds.

Are dressing rooms available to the bridal party?
Only the Erin room rental includes one bridal room.

Does the IAHC require the use of specific vendors for floral, photography, and entertainment?
Any florist, band, photographer or D.J. is welcome to service your event.

Does the room have a sound system included?
With the exception of the Erin Room, all other rooms do not have a sound system. The sound system in the Erin Room includes speakers, amplifiers, one wireless microphone, disco lights and two ceiling projectors and screens.

Is there a parking fee?
Parking is complimentary upon availability (300 spaces).  

Do you have recommendations for nearby hotels?
Yes, Click here for a list of hotels nearby.

Do you provide food service?
The IAHC does not provide direct food service, however we have a list of caterers that have worked with the center in the past. Click here

May I bring in my own caterer?
Yes, the IAHC allows outside catering as long as it is a licensed and insured vendor.  License and insurance information must be given two weeks in advance of the event.

May I bring in my own beverages (non-alcoholic or alcoholic)?
No, we do not allow outside drinks. We provide different bar options and we are willing to customize to your need if possible.

Are tables and chairs provided with the room rental?
Yes, we provide the setup for your event.

Are linens included?
No, linens are a separate charge.

What size linens do I need?

  • 72” round-Erin Room only
    108” or 120” for dining / 132” to floor
  • 60” round
    90” or 108” for dining /120’’ to floor
  • 6’ long (buffet)
    60″ x 120″/ 90″ x 132″ to floor

Where and when is the load in and load out?  
We have one ramp on each side of the parking lots. Load in and load out is done the same day of the event.

Do you provide carts to load in and load out?
No, every vendor should bring their own carts.

Do I have a dedicated staff person?
There will be a point of contact during your event. However, this person is not responsible of coordinating the event.

Are decoration allowed?

  • We allow only decoration on walls that use painter’s or masking tape. Nothing can be hung from curtains or lightning.
  • Only flameless candles are allowed.
  • All decorations need to be removed after the event.
  • No confetti or rice thrown on the floor or tables.

What are standard terms?

  • Deposits: a 25% Deposit is due to reserve a room.
  • A room cannot be held without a deposit and a signed contract.
  • Hourly Rentals: Rooms may be rented on an hourly basis for classes and meetings.
  • Early Day Rentals: Rooms may be rented on an hourly basis, Monday through Saturday, between 9am and 4pm.
  • Liquor Agreement: All liquor must be purchased through the Center; a variety of packages are available.
  • Political Fundraiser Rules: No stickers may be affixed, no pressure-sensitive materials allowed and any exterior signage must be removed at close of event. A $200 separate deposit for damage is required.
  • Parking: There is free parking in the North and South parking lots. The North lot is always open and handicap accessible. The South lot is open on weekends during Fifth Province hours and for special events.
  • Handicap Accessibility: The building is handicap accessible, with wide ramps facing both main parking lots.
  • Catering: A list of caterers who have done business with the Center, including those that specialize in Irish fare, is available.
  • Tours: The IAHC can arrange for tours of facility during your event depending on the time and availability. Arrangements must be made in advance by calling the IAHC office.