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Yes, I will, Yes: Bringing Joyce’s Dublin to Life

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Join the IAHC and Remy Bummpo Theatre for an evening of conversation, music and theatre in honor of James Joyce’s “Ulysses” and Bloomsday.

Writer James Joyce believed that if Dublin were destroyed it could be reconstructed, street by street, from the details captured in his novel “Ulysses”. Remy Bumppo’s new production of Bloomsday by Steven Dietz recreates a small piece of Dublin for a lyrical modern-day love story set against the backdrop of “Ulysses”.

Join us in the Fiffth Province Pub for a discussion with J.R. Sullivan, director of “Bloomsday” and Josephine Craven, director of the IAHC’s long-running Bloomsday Celebrations. The two discuss creating a Dublin-scenescape worthy of Joyce. The evening also features scenes from the play and the IAHC’s past Bloomsday celebrations and music from Irish tenor Mark Piekarz.

The program is Monday, June 3 at 7pm in the Center’s Fifth Province Pub. $5 suggested donation.