Uilleann Piping and Fiddle Demo and Performance with Patrick and Karen Cannady

Currently living in Chicago, Patrick Cannady, uilleann piper and Karen Cannady, fiddler began playing together as a duet in 2001.

Inspired by recordings of famous pipe-and-fiddle duets, they have spent countless hours learning and playing Irish traditional music with Chicago’s community of Irish immigrant musicians and given it a unique voice with tasteful arrangements on the pipes and fiddle. Their music is arresting, spare, unhurried, and rhythmic, using the full sonic palettes of both instruments and “lift” inherent in the melodies to great effect.

They are active in Chicago’s own traditional music scene, playing for many years at sessions on both the North and South Sides of Chicago. They enjoy performing at local cafes as well. On selected Saturdays, Patrick Cannady and his uilleann piping students and musical colleagues play tunes at the Irish American Heritage Center. In addition, they are sought after performers for weddings, house parties, and St. Patrick’s Day events.

The Uilleann Piping and Fiddle Demonstration with Patrick and Karen Cannady is Saturday, July 7 at 5pm in the Library.

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