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Irish American Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Irish American Hall of Fame is to preserve the “story” of the Irish in America. The Irish American Hall of Fame is operated under the auspices of the Irish American Heritage Center, a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization and is located within the IAHC.

Gaelic Park

Chicago Gaelic Park was established over 25 years ago with the purpose of promoting and fostering of Irish culture, music and sports within the Irish & Irish-American community. With tremendous grassroots support, it has exceeded all expectations and continues to grow.

DePaul University Irish Studies Program – Facebook Page

The Irish Studies Program at DePaul University is an interdisciplinary field that offers an undergraduate minor, which examines the history, literature, politics, geography, religion, and culture of Ireland, as well as the Irish Diaspora and the contemporary integration of Ireland within globalized systems of political economy, international relations, travel and communication.

Chicago Cultural Alliance

The Chicago Cultural Alliance (Alliance) is a consortium of community-based ethnic museums, cultural centers, and historical societies in the Chicago metropolitan area.
Incorporated in 2006, the mission of the Alliance is to “effect social change and public understanding of cultural diversity through first voice perspectives”.