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22 reviews for Individual Membership (2 Years)

  1. Patrick D. Riley

    great job keep it up

  2. William R. Hancock

    Going to the center is always a great time

  3. Jim Kane

    I’ve always enjoyed The Center.

  4. Matthew Keegan Sommers

    Love that more live music is offered

  5. Patrice O’Malley

    love IAHC

  6. Patrice O’Malley

    Great Place

  7. James McCormack

    Looking forward to BAM. It’s my favorite event.

  8. lveddie

    If I believed in reincarnation I know I was Celtic in a past life 🙂

  9. Bridget Estremadoyro

    Wonderful place!

  10. Michael Bollinger

    Excellent facilities and Tip Notch commitment to sustaining our heritage and culture!

  11. Thomas J Moran

    Fantastic Building and Irish Memories!

  12. Thomas J Moran

    Two Thumbs UP!

  13. LORNETTA HOOKS (verified owner)

    Wonderful organization and place to experience great music and Irish interests.

  14. Kathleen Sheehan Kovarik

    While we no longer live in Chicago, I had a membership for several years. We do visit quite often so I am renewing my membership today. In this way I can keep up with all of the various programs offered throughout the year. Thank you!

  15. Andrew V Guinane

    Love the IAHC ☘️🇮🇪👍

  16. Kathleen a Ryan

    I am renewing my membership. I am apart of the Nimble Thimbles group. Great place. Love all of the events that take place here

  17. kathleen a Ryan

    I am a member of the Nimble Thimbles. Great Group

  18. Ann Ryan

    Good place to be with the Irish. I also belong to the Francis O’Neill Club.

  19. Ann Ryan

    Good place to be part of. I also belong to the Francis O’Neill Club.

  20. Ann Ryan

    Good place to be part of. I am also a member of the Francis O’Neill club.

  21. Michael Collins

    Well done, keep up the great work!

  22. Edward

    Love IAHC

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